Popular features that will change your business...

Data Control

Find the full job history of any customer in seconds. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for in-file searches.

Digital Signatures

Legally binding digital signatures for turnaround times in hours not days. No more printing, signing & scanning PDF's!

Filing Automation

Automatically capture & file your emails, printed documents and scanned files. Sync with your CRM for data integrity.

Team Collaboration

Easily send documents to private or group 'intrays'. Set up work-in-progress areas for document version control.

Performance Workflows

Speed up and optimise your workflows, identify bottlenecks and generate real-time process and team reports.

Online Client Portal

White-labeled Client Portal that tracks who opens your messages, real-time retraction, auto-filing & large file sending.

High Security

Get compliant for GDPR and other data privacy legislation. Audit trails, bank-level security, privacy by design, permissions.

Powerful Integrations

Popular Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) add-in's. Integrate with your CRM and existing software.

Performance Reporting

Generate real-time team and workflow performance reports. See audit logs, outstanding tasks, priorities and more.

Virtual Cabinet speaks for itself

Integrate with your existing business software