Document Scanning Specialists

for solicitors, financial advisors and accountants

Turn a mountain of
paper into a molehill of
electronic files

It's really simple

We'll pack, collect and scan your paper files. You just point us to where they are. We then upload them back to you as electronic PDF files. Importantly, text searchable PDF Files.

This means you can search across your data. Instantly. If you have lots of filling cabinets or boxes of paper, perhaps in your offices or in storage somewhere, you cannot search across this data. Let us scan them for you, and you'll have a whole new way of accessing your data, quickly.

Get ahead of the game in your business where efficiency is key. Serve your clients better and faster.

You can trust us

We have qualifications, certifications and experience in abundance. We've been doing this for a long time and we're pretty clued up.

It's a really simple process. We carefully collect and scan documents, they're checked and converted into a high quality, text-searchable PDF files which you can then access in the cloud or on your local network.

Safe and sound

We understand that your role involves handling valuable and sensitive documents. Our document scanning service is compliant with BSI BS10008 and the GDPR. We're also ISO 27001 and 9001 Accredited, ICO Registered and, naturally, we take data security very seriously.

Become ultra-efficient in what you do

If you are a solicitor, financial advisor or accountant or work for a firm offering these services we can help you achieve ultra-efficient, safe and organised data management. We can help you improve your productivity by giving you quick and easy access to your files. You can find information on your client files at the drop of a hat.

Wave goodbye to paper files and offsite storage...

Say hello to more office space and efficiency

And no more risky business...

When you keep paper files there are risks, especially when they're in offsite storage. If you use offsite storage, go and take a look at your boxes, unannounced, and see where and how they're being kept. Some are stored well, in fire proof cabinets – most aren't. Some have 24hr security, most just say they do but they don't.

By scanning your client files and storing the PDFs in a central location you take back control. They become fast and convenient to access and easy to back up. You'll dramatically reduce the risk.

How are you feeling?

It's only natural to feel apprehensive about handing over your important documents and doing something different. We appreciate this and are here to walk you through the simple process at your pace.

You are most welcome to drop in and meet us any time. We would also like to meet you, chat through any questions you have and see what needs to be scanned. Our helpful staff can collect your files in our tracked vehicles or you can deliver to us if you prefer.

We don't use temporary staff and our premises have password protected sign-ins, CCTV and all staff are DBS checked and everything is under NDA. We take what you do very seriously.

We usually book months in advance which gives us a chance to get to know each other. We happily scan sample boxes free of charge so you can see what the finished files will look like and have a play searching on words – anything typed on your documents can be searched upon. If you've not done this before, it's pretty impressive.

It's impressive, and we like to impress our customers

We use the best scanning technology for rapid and accurate document scanning which produces high-quality images of documents of all sizes. From small receipts to large format drawings, we do them all.

We come to your location, supply boxes and pack your files which are logged in and cared for all the way to the high-speed scanners. We remove all staples and binders from the files for you, you literally just have to show us where the files are and we take them off your hands.

After we have scanned your files, and you're completely happy with everything, they're shredded and recycled – we love trees and respect our planet. If preferred, we can return the paper files to you. We can sort files for you to save you the time and headache. Perhaps some need scanning and others don't. Perhaps most need shredding but some you'd like to keep – whatever your needs, we're here to help.

Need a file whilst we have it? No problem, just get in touch and we'll get this to you in a flash. It's all part of the service.

So, how much does our expertise cost?

Tell us or show us what you need scanning and we'll get right back to you with a quick estimate tailored to your needs. A transparent quote with no waffle or shopping list of options, we'll cut to the chase.

Because we specialise in solicitors, IFA's and accountants, there tend to be lots of similarities from one client to another. Therefore, we run an efficient ship and offer very good value to our customers.

We can also stagger your requirements to help with your budget. Perhaps scan 50 or 100 boxes a month over 6 or 12 months. We're flexible, we're here to do what works best for you.

Ready to find out more?

Give us a bell, drop us a line or request a quick quote and we'll get right back to you in a jiffy.

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Some of our lovely customer comments

Thanks to the Superb Service from E File we no longer pay for storage each month and the best part is we can find anything from our PCs rather than files going missing every 5 minutes, would highly recommend to anyone.
Converting our paper filing system to electronic scanned files has had such a positive impact on our efficiency and productivity, saving our staff time and freeing up valuable office space. The service from E File has always been excellent
When given by a client one year to produce edit and typeset the fully illustrated texts for six 240 page books, based on typescripts going back forty years, and no digital data, I was saved by E File, who scanned and indexed hundreds of pages while I took a cup of coffee down the road. The results were first class, and the price was so cheap I thought that I had misheard. A great service, and many thanks for your rescue.
E file assisted us freeing up vital space in the office with the scanning of all our paper files. The search system is easy to use and very effective rather than sorting through pages and pages of papers in a file. I cannot recommend highly enough the service we received from start of the process through to the finish. Files were collected and dealt with promptly, the team liaised with me every step of the process to ensure we were happy with the work being carried out
As part of modernising our business the scanning of all our hard copy files and folders has made a huge difference to our productivity. Everything is now filed digitally, meaning information is much more easily accessible, and our office is much closer to being paperless. The service we received from the team at E File was fantastic, and I would recommend them to anyone considering looking to digitise their business in this way.
Working with e-file has allowed us to free up significant office space and reduce document storage costs. It also brings simplification and efficiency benefits and makes it easy to search and find documents as an when the need arises. The overall service from E File was very personable and impeccable.