Our services

We used to have a whole load of waffle here like so many others. We even confused ourselves about what we actually did

The simple truth is this

We specialise in bulk scanning for solicitors, IFA’s and accountants. You end up with data you can search upon and back up. It’s not complicated, but it’s very effective.

A typical sized job for us is about 500 standard archive boxes worth of paper files. We send a clean branded van with a couple of our chaps to collect about 150 boxes at a time. So typically, we’d do 3 or 4 collections over a number of weeks or months. Or if you’d just like all of your boxes taken away that’s absolutely fine – we can then scan as quickly as we can or we can do a certain amount per month for you. Incidentally, the guys who pack and collect boxes, they also work in our scanning team when they’re not collecting – so you can chat through the specifics of what needs doing and they’ll get the plot.

We also run another website called Tradescanners.  We set up Tradescanners about 15 years ago and it became the number one website in the UK specialising in just scanners. We’re told by our customers they chose us because we knew what we were talking about and because we cared, which is what we’re all about. Our team can advise on which scanner is best for you and we offer full technical support in house. Our knowledge in the scanning world is very extensive, pretty sad isn’t it, but it can come in useful.

Finally, we sell and support Virtual Cabinet document management software. If you’d like to know more about VC as we call it, please just get in touch and we’ll arrange a demo for you.

Unfortunately we don’t build space rockets, but we love what we do

Some of our lovely customer comments

When given by a client one year to produce edit and typeset the fully illustrated texts for six 240 page books, based on typescripts going back forty years, and no digital data, I was saved by E File, who scanned and indexed hundreds of pages while I took a cup of coffee down the road. The results were first class, and the price was so cheap I thought that I had misheard. A great service, and many thanks for your rescue.

Philip Dixon

Thanks to the Superb Service from E File we no longer pay for storage each month and the best part is we can find anything from our PCs rather than files going missing every 5 minutes, would highly recommend to anyone.

Helen Beckwith

E File have been fantastic from beginning to end – always very professional and client focused. Thanks for helping us lose the “weight” of paper!

David Bolton

Working with e-file has allowed us to free up significant office space and reduce document storage costs. It also brings simplification and efficiency benefits and makes it easy to search and find documents as an when the need arises. The overall service from E File was very personable and impeccable.

Calum Cameron

We freed up an entire office and another room we were using purely for file storage, the service from E File was impeccable and very accommodating, and the best bit is we can find anything from our pcs rather than spending time manually searching for files that can then get misplaced

Keith Hansell

I experienced excellent service from E File. The results were just what we needed and the team were courteous and quick to meet our particular needs. Recommend them highly for turning mixed files into searchable pdfs in a short time and for a very competitive cost.

David Schreiber