Welcome to E File

We are a scanning business and we are great at scanning!

About us

With two decades of experience offering scanning services, software and hardware scanning solutions, our family-run business is ever-evolving. We have a team of thirty professional and fully trained staff who work together to offer top notch service and an efficient document scanning solution.

Where in the world are we?

Based in Milton Keynes, a thriving city in the middle of the UK, we serve customers all over the country. Due to the nature of our business, our premises and vehicles have first-class security with 24-hour surveillance. Security and data protection are key parts of what we do and offer, online and offline.

We are scanning wizards and genuine experts in our field.

Our credentials

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered, ISO 27001:2013 registered, ICO registered (Information Commissioner's Office) and we scan to BS10008 (British Standards guidelines for evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information). We're also fully insured for professional liability. We've never had to claim on this, but its there for peace of mind for us and our customers.

We're also Official Partners of Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon and more. These manufacturers make specialised scanning equipment that we've been using, selling and supporting for many years.

We care

We care about our customers, the environment and good causes. We shred mountains of paper every year which we recycle to do our little bit to protect trees and reduce carbon emissions. Any folders, files or boxes that are in a good condition are offered to schools and charity shops.

We give monthly donations to a local charity, Samuel's Charity. The work Martin does makes everything else seem insignificant, please take a look... Samuel's Charity

We're good at...

  • Scanning stuff, you've probably guessed that, we work hard and love what we do
  • Communication, we're a bit obsessive about this, we like all staff and customers to know exactly what should be happening, by when, and so on
  • Honesty, we'd much rather just say it as it is, even if that doesn't sound too good, we're hopeless at bending the truth
  • Having fun, most of the time at least, although we have off days we try wherever possible to see the fun side of life

We're not so good at...

  • Small jobs, less than about 50 boxes and we're juggling work which affects the service to our main customers, so we try to avoid
  • Enormous jobs, above about 3000 boxes and we get bored, we like a variety of jobs with different customers and we really like new customers
  • Tenders, we've tried them and we're rubbish at filling in a million forms so now we tend to avoid. We have lots of lovely customers without having to go through all that jazz
  • Social Media, we know we're missing a trick here, but we've instead focused on talking to our customers on to one. We'll have to get with the times soon!

Welcome to our business

Marcus & Nikki Alder
Here's a little video Nikki did for Fujitsu...

Some of our lovely customer comments

Thanks to the Superb Service from E File we no longer pay for storage each month and the best part is we can find anything from our PCs rather than files going missing every 5 minutes, would highly recommend to anyone.
Converting our paper filing system to electronic scanned files has had such a positive impact on our efficiency and productivity, saving our staff time and freeing up valuable office space. The service from E File has always been excellent
I wish had found Efile years ago. What a difference it made getting rid of all the paper files and how simple they made. Thoroughly recommend them.
We contacted Efile to ask their opinion on costs and procedure to scan 16 filing cabinets to free up some much needed space and enable us to hold the related client information electronically. We received excellent advice and service with their team visiting our offices to collect the files, making an accurate inventory and removing the data to their offices for scanning. We were kept fully informed at various stages of the process and given full and immediate access to any of the files if the need arose. Once the data was scanned we were even supported to integrate the electronic files back into our client management system. We randomly compared and inspected the quality of the scanning which we found to be meticulously accurate. It took us a long time to make the decision to scan largely because we kept procrastinating and worrying about the cost and process and we now wish we’d acted sooner…well done Efile for the quality of the work and your support along the way, we now have a fully refurbished ground floor office with client meeting rooms and well organised, easy to access client data!
I experienced excellent service from E File. The results were just what we needed and the team were courteous and quick to meet our particular needs. Recommend them highly for turning mixed files into searchable pdfs in a short time and for a very competitive cost.
Working with e-file has allowed us to free up significant office space and reduce document storage costs. It also brings simplification and efficiency benefits and makes it easy to search and find documents as an when the need arises. The overall service from E File was very personable and impeccable.