Industries we specialise in

We'll take paper from anywhere in the UK across all industries and have it scanned and returned to
you in no time at all, here are some of the common sectors we work with:

Find anything, from anywhere, any time

Searching through paper files takes time, even when everything is filed as it should be. If something is misfiled in paper, its usually gone forever, until its stumbled across perhaps years after it was needed. If someone is using a file, no one else can use it. If there's a natural disaster such as flood or fire, data is lost forever. Paper files cost time to manage and pose significant risks to your business.

Once data is scanned and saved as a text searchable PDF, you'll have access to this like any other data available stored on your pc/network. Data can be found instantly. You can also search upon words actually typed on every single page - simply impossible with paper files. You can back up your data, so rather than one paper copy of a client file, you'll have many, saved in different locations for extra security.

Electronic data can be controlled so you can decide who can see what. Locking filing cabinets and knowing exactly what's in the unlocked ones is near impossible.

GDPR made easy

Recent regulation changes affecting all businesses means you need to know what information you hold and be able to provide details of this information. This is theoretically possible with paper files, but its considerably easier with electronic files.


To walk customers through the process of converting lots of unnecessary filing cabinets and archive boxes into scanned electronic files by offering an impeccable personal service from start to finish.

The E File Way

You, as our customer always comes first
Family run business since 2001
Not tiny so we can't cope, not huge so you're just a number
Everyone is DBS checked and we never use temporary staff
We collect and pack your files in person, we won't just send a load of boxes and expect you to do the work
We never use couriers. We collect using or own staff and vehicles which are GPS tracked. Files are never left unattended in transit
If you need a file whilst it's with us, no problem. We'll scan this as a matter of urgency free of charge
Individual staff are assigned to each project and they'll communicate directly with you to ensure everything is scanned and indexed just as you wish
We offer a 24hr turnaround for small urgent jobs. We can even offer a 'scan while you wait' service - we'll make you a coffee whilst we scan an urgent box or two for you
Our pricing is simple, clear and transparent