Worried about files going offsite

That's ok, this is the most common concern we come across every day. It's a very good sign that you're concerned, it shows you care about your data and recognise the importance of it. Ultimately, it's precisely this care and concern for your files that will lead you to understand the importance of them being scanned. Leaving in paper form doesn't protect your data, it leaves it exposed to risks, nor does it allow for fast access from anywhere.

We take great care of your files. We visit and carefully pack them away using our own DBS checked staff and our own tracked vehicles. En route back to us, your files are never left unattended. When we receive them they're logged into our system and will be carefully prepared and scanned using your index criteria. There's also full access control systems, CCTV everywhere and everything is under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) from the outset. Once scanned and back with you, you'll no longer need to worry about just having one paper copy.

Choosing to scan yourself

A very common thought. Why outsource when you can do internally, makes perfect sense surely? In theory, yes it does make perfect sense, in theory... First, there's the labour cost to work out. What we do is very labour intensive - it takes a lot of time to sift through every single piece of paper to remove staples and paperclips and prepare it for the scanner. Even the fastest scanners require manual input to load the scanner and check everything has been correctly scanned. No one would realistically be able to do this process whilst carrying on with their normal day job, people do try, but it doesn't last long. You could employ someone to specifically scan for you, but you'll need to train them first and it'll take many weeks to get up to a decent speed. If they leave or you're not happy with them you'll have to start this process again, and who will train them, probably and sadly you again. You'll then need to spend thousands on the scanner, or get a cheaper one, but the labour cost will go up as a result. There's then space, often the whole point of scanning is because you've ran out of space to store paper - do you have plenty of space to add a big scanner and allow plenty of room to work in? You'll need software too, software to create text searchable PDF's and compress the files - scanners come with basic software but if you do the OCR process at the same time as scanning it will usually slow down the scanning time, again costing more money.

If you love hassle and considerable inconvenience, which of course no one does, try to scan everything yourself. If you want a more cost effect, hassle free option, let us take away the pain for you.

Would rather just pay for everything to go into storage

This again is a common thought we come across. However, this just moves the problem rather than dealing with it. If you're concerned about files going offsite, which is a very understandable concern, surely minimize the time they're away to a few days or weeks rather than indefinitely. Paper files and all their problems, like being unsecure and unsafe, like being impossible to know the detail of the data you have and what's where, like not being able to share data, or be easily GDPR compliant etc - these are problems that will not go away if you chose long term physical storage, they'll only get worse. And the worst part is, you'll have to pay every month to store your data and every time you want to access a file. As a direct comparison, scanning will cost more in the short term, but it'll save you more in the long run. And from the outset you'll be protecting your data and be able to access it from wherever, whenever you need.

Worried about the cost

In today's world, in any world, cost is critical. Return on investment is critical. Every business is different and has different reasons for wanting to digitise their paperwork. For many, there's a clear cut return on investment. Perhaps clearing a specific space to allow for more fee earning staff. Perhaps avoiding having to pay for an office space, a lot of which is currently being used for storage. Maybe you're moving office and it makes financial sense not to bring all those hefty filing cabinets. Or maybe there's been a flood or fire scare and you're, understandably, very concerned about the security of your data in the future. For our new customers, these are common reasons which clarify the return on investment.

For existing customers, they see a whole new way of working and a very clear return on investment. This return comes in two forms, firstly, time. The time it takes to find a file, or a specific piece of information is reduced from a few minutes at best, often much longer, to a few seconds, this alone can be worth thousands of pounds. Secondly, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all, you'll be able to search across all data, regardless of how or where its stored which can have massive financial benefits to any organisation. The decisions we make are made based on data, based on information we know. Therefore, potentially better decisions are made, more sound advice is given and fewer mistakes are made if we have the data we need when we need it.

If you store your files in the Virtual Cabinet software we provide, or perhaps use one of the free tools on the web such as Google Drive, you'll be able to search across your entire filing system for anything you like typed on any page. This is very powerful and extremely useful in so many ways and its literally impossible to do with paper files. To see this in action, please just get in touch and we'll show you a brief demonstration.

Using E File over someone else

We have researched this industry thoroughly and we don't really have any like for like competition. There are some tiny new start companies out there who may well do a good job but you're playing guinea pig by letting them have your files. There are a few very large companies who's brand name you'll probably have heard of but you'll pay an awful lot more and, in our opinion, you won't get anywhere near the personal service we offer. The rep you have contact with will probably not care one iota once you've signed, they'll be off to the next prospect to hit their target.

There are then a handful of mid sized organisations like ourselves but the majority are a bit staid, a bit slow to react to your needs and will usually use temps to do the real work which can mean the quality goes right down. We don't want to speak out of turn here about our competition, there may well be someone out there doing a fantastic job, we just haven't come across them and we speak to lots of clients who have tried others.

Ultimately this is your choice and we respect this. We hope you'll recognise our way of working just isn't available elsewhere. Speak to our customers to hear some real unbiased opinions, we'd be delighted to put you in touch.

Doing nothing

Clients will sometimes choose to do nothing. That's of course entirely up to you. When you're ready to go digital and get everything scanned, we'll be here ready and waiting. The longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes, but that's ok, we know it can be a big step and we're ready to work on your timescales when you're ready and we'll walk you through the process helping you at every step of the way.

It can help to take a small step. If for example you have 200 boxes of paper, decide to get just 20 boxes scanned and see the results for yourself, then you can decide if you'd like to get the rest doing. We can also help to spread the cost by collecting all of your files but just scanning a few boxes per month. Therefore you've freed up all that space or stopped any storage cost immediately but the cost of scanning is spread over a much longer period of several months or even years – but remember, if you need a file whilst its with us we'll scan it right away for you at no extra charge.

Just get in touch, we're here to help.